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by Lubnah Abdulhalim

We are the voices from the Coast.

Our main aim is to:

  • Provide a learning and empowering platform for local writers
  • We strive to effectively produce authentic and real-time stories from the Coast.

Nonetheless, we hope to grow and cover stories beyond the Coast as well as hold events in different parts of Kenya.

Our activities include:
*Writing training.
*Online mentorship by the facilitator after the training.
*Collaborations and keen critiquing amongst the trainees.
*Daily quotes/poetry challenges.
*Publishing of the trainees’ stories by Hekaya Initiative.

Future Plans:
*Community and inter-schools competitions.
*Kiswahili Convention.
*Kiswahili challenges.

To contact us, send in your pieces or further inquiries, you may email us at:

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